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Product Development

Design, sketching & pattern making


At Michael Alle Manufacturers we materialize your ideas for a unique jacket and make it come true.

This is the first stage of the process, where our exceptional design team will take you by the hand from scratch interpreting your original designs or adapting them to your needs and conditions.



Style, shape, specifications, and materials of your product are defined. We draw your model and make a sketch that illustrates in detail how the design of your jacket will look and what materials will carry.


Pattern making and grading

Getting the right fit is everything! Our computerized pattern making, and grading area will ensure your product has the correct fit along the size run providing you with a size chart for your jacket.



At this stage, and after materials and sizes are approved, we produce a pre-production sample that will represent at 100% what you will order, so you can evaluate prior ordering.


Quality Assurance

We count with mechanisms, actions and tools carried out to ensure that our products meet your quality requirements.


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