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Since 1987


Michael Alle Manufacturers is a leading manufacturer and exporter of leather jackets and other materials.

Currently, more than 70% of our production goes to foreign markets.

Our history
Our history

Michael Alle Manufacturers is devoted to the high-quality crafting of leather jackets with more than 35 years of experience.

Leather jackets manufacturing requires deep knowledge and real expert masters as each jacket has a unique identity and the signature of the handmade process. There is no other way of making a great jacket!

Michael Alle Manufacturers has managed to combine the centuries-old experience of most skilled workforce in Mexico with a fast process and production flow.

We are located in the city of Leon, right in the heart of Mexico and one of the best leather clusters in the world, that has allowed us to build a robust, strong, and efficient supply chain.

With a monthly production capacity of 6,000 pieces. Michael Alle is the leading jacket manufacturing company in business founded in 1987.

More than 70% of our production is proudly exported to countries such as United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Australia among other destinations.


Our advantages

Our quality

Each cut, each seam and each embroidery of each of our jackets, is made with the weight of a tanning tradition of more than one hundred years in the city, which makes our workforce the most expert in its field.

In fact, for a jacket to leave the Michael Alle factory, it must have passed through at least 25 hands of expert leather craftsmen, and you can be ure that each one of those hands is simply exceptional.


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